Hey everyone!

We have a new website! Take a look and let us know what you think. It's a huge step up from our last website: looks better, feels better and yes, it taste better too! 

Our friends at Myriad took a look at our old website and gave us some good notes on ways to improve. We talked through what wasn’t working, what could be fixed and what needed to be completely changed. But once we started down that rabbit hole, we decided to move forward with a completely new design. 

All I wanted was a great looking and easy-to-navigate hub to show off the work that we create for the clients that we are so proud to collaborate with. Myriad pushed back and reminded me that in order to grow, I have to think bigger: how do people get to my website, how long will they stay, and how do we get them to engage. Just because we have great clients and content does not mean we are going to get more work. The website has to inspire action!

It took a few meetings, beers and lots of tacos for me to loosen up the old purse strings, but I was persuaded. Actually, I was persuaded right away, I just wanted more beer and tacos! 

Matt (Mr. Myriad himself) did one thing that was really helpful during the entire process: he listened to our needs. Simple, right? But not always easy to do. Because we are experts in our fields, we might ‘think’ that we know what is best just because we do it every single day. But the client (whoever that client is) has been living with the brand for a lot longer, and we really need to listen and respect what they want to say because THEY KNOW BETTER. Myriad treated us like the experts for C. Young Creative. He listened, gave advice and made sure we understood what our choices would look and feel like on the site. He didn’t respond with a ‘I don’t think that will work’, he responded with ‘on the site, this will respond like...’ It was really helpful and a stress-free process.

Yes, this is a plug for Myriad! because they do great work, communicate well and make the whole process fun. And most importantly, they help create a website that will enhance your brand and inspire action. 

Love you all, 

C. Young | Director