Just over 2 year ago, my crew and I were itching to do something crazy and creative. We set aside 9 Days and shot a feature. We wanted to create a film that was someone wedged into the Thriller genre, but was also its own style/pace. And with limited time to plan and shoot, a lot of what we did was organic and came from the movement of the actors and the space we were in. 

We ended up with a lot of longer shots, lots of silence/tensions and some pretty fantastic performances. This was the actors first film, but their ability to work through 10+ pages a day made the short schedule manageable - thank god for the theatre experience. 

I desperately want to work with the cast again, but for now I am enjoying the film and the beautiful (and heavy) story we told. And we are finally getting it out into the world.

It was a labor of love and we are really proud of this little film.  

I hope you enjoy the film - a link to the film and the behind the scenes are below


Caleb Young | Director

You can rent or buy the film here.

Or check it out the fun little behind the scenes film.