We begin shooting our feature film, Into the Lavender Creases of Evening, on August 17th. The film has a very small budget, a very small crew, and a very short schedule. But we have the best team put together to get this done. The last film we shot in this fashion was selected to play at Seattle International Film Festival, so we decided to try to put ourselves under similar restraints and push ourselves to the edge of what is possible and see what we end up with.

With Joshua Young's script, our Director of Photography, our young, but talented and driven actors, our team of Producers, Art Department, our Executive Producer, I know we will have something great to share.

This is true independent filmmaking. I am directing the film the way I want to make it. No outside pressure. Just acting off instincts, experience and taste - all the while letting the film come together organically.

I can't wait to share this with everyone.

Did I mention, this team is the best!